To Mayberry, Part 2 and three quarters

So this blog post comes to you from the road somewhere on I77.  As a bit of a recap we left Florida successfully, though I can’t tell you when because it feels like 7 years ago.  We stayed a night in the lovely Starke, FL and did have the excellent opportunity to visit the Walmart Supercenter.  I found a number of items not carried in the Walmarts of Tampa Bay, like deer salt bricks, a massive selection of camouflage everything and gator gear galore.  Though we were really in the market for something to appease one of our cats, like maybe kitty whiskey.  Unfortunately Walmart didn’t have such a product, oh well.  It was a nice opportunity to demonstrate babywearing to the good people of Starke, they were clearly seeing it for the first time. 🙂 I was glad to set out of Starke and despite lots of cat howling and intermittent Levi howling we made it to the cutest little RV Park in South Carolina called, Camp Lake Jasper.  You know it’s going to be a good park when the website looks like it was made recently.  Guys, we went outside and didn’t sweat, for like an hour! It was so great.  Levi found some sand and a curb and was pumped to move the sand from the pavement to the grass for about an hour.  Sounds like heaven to me.  We went on a little hike and didn’t even get bit by mosquitos, unheard of.  And except for the fact that I couldn’t get almost any cell reception whatsoever it was pretty perfect there.  I’d definitely go back.




But push on we must. So we set out with (the same two episodes of ) Daniel Tiger, a complacent cat, a hard punk rock hollering cat, our son and our still intact house.  Geoff and I have been sharing the driving pretty much half and half.  He does the hitching and the last leg of driving and the parking and I do the pulling out and the first leg of driving.  Between bumps in the highway Geoff attempts to write some code and I’ve been memorizing the lyrics to all the Daniel Tigers.  It’s not as cool as memorizing the Fresh Prince of Belair opening lyrics but sometimes it’s more useful in trying situations, you know.  All in all it’s been pretty good, though on a few locations I had to work hard at not wanting to ‘put on’ anger (like massive amounts of anger) at our howling cat.  Still working out the kinks, we’ll get there.

But I must leave you now as we are nearing our next RV park.  Hope you are enjoying whatever weather you are planted in and apparently Geoff tells me there might be a hurricane coming.  Hmmm well we have space on the couch if you need to evacuate.  I’ll pray for you and we’d clearly appreciate your prayers, especially for MacGyver.

How MacGyver prefers to ride
How MacGyver prefers to ride

From the road,

Big Rig Rose


p.s.: Due to not posting this earlier, I can let you know, we made it!


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