On dying to self and other things :)

Well, this week included great highs and tough low points.  Those lows and highs also follow when I was wallowing in sin (like anger and greediness) and when I was obedient (in generosity and focused on Christ).  There was a bit of an issue with the appraisal on our house.  First there was quite a bit of waiting, which you know I can wait ok, but sometimes it starts to wear on me.  Then the appraisal came back, but the appraiser felt our in-law house shouldn’t be counted in the appraisal because it wasn’t attached to the main house.  So the appraisal was lower than the asking price.  That’s always kind of a bummer.  But God was merciful because it was only $5,000 lower, not $25,000 lower.

So began a two day process demonstrating once again that anger and greediness still hold a place in my heart.  And that dying to self is SO HARD!  By day two I felt like: go ahead, just take it, the house, my money (really God’s), it’s fine, just take it.  While that’s less mad thinking, it’s also not very Christ-like.  Baby steps, friends, baby steps.  But once the wound was stitched up and we had settled on a new price, God stitched me back up too.

Our long visit with Nonni came to an end and we had to say goodbye when she went home on Thursday.  But we did get to have a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa as they came to help with our “Estate Sale”.  I think it’s funny to watch our parents play with our child.  I can’t recall the last time I’d seen my parents get down and play on the floor, before giving birth.  It’s fun to see them interact with Levi and make him laugh.

Our estate sale was a funny thing.  I thought Geoff said to me a few weeks ago, let’s have an estate sale.  And so I got about figuring out the timing and how we might be able to have it.  Then as we got closer I was concerned about how we would be able to man the sale with Levi and only the two of us (on Saturday).  As I talked to Geoff, it became apparent that he thought I wanted to have the estate sale and I thought he wanted to have it and neither of us actually enjoys selling our stuff.  So we were happy to just give it away.  You need a lot fewer people to come to your sale when you are asking $0 for your stuff.  It’s been nice to feel like there is a nice new home for your beloved items.  So now we are just down to a small pile of stuff (hint, hint, do your part and come take our stuff).  And it’s always fun to mix things up and put your bed on the floor or use a moving box for an end table.  Levi loves when I move his toys all over the house so he’s really into this stage.  Yesterday someone was packing up some stuff to take and he started shoving more stuff in their bag, good man he is!

Is that bunting? Yes, friends it is.
Is that bunting? Yes, friends it is.

The RV is mostly ready but they are awaiting the delivery on a toilet part and clearance to get a new awning.  So that means we get to go for an annual vacation at D&D’s Bed and Breakfast (that’s code because my husband said I shouldn’t name them specifically on the internet) 🙂 who lovingly accept us and our cats.  Being cat owners ruin us every time with local allergy friends.

Last time we went to stay at their house we took a number of trips back and forth filling up the minivan to the brim.  HOPEFULLY we have less stuff to bring over there this time, but I’m sure it will be more than is appropriate to bring to your friends house for less than a week’s stay.

After that the rough plan is to move back into the RV next weekend, get a bit more comfortable with the unhitching and setting up process and try out a new RV park.  Ok this one is officially in Tampa, but it’s not really that far away guys so don’t be all like, “Tampa’s so far away”.  You can still come see it, it’s only 18 minutes from church.  Die to self, ok? 🙂

Well I hope you had a triumphant week and if not there is always 1 John 1:9.  🙂

I have a new sign off thanks to Chris S (I’ve edited out his name to protect the innocent). (see below)

-Big Rig Rose


2 thoughts on “On dying to self and other things :)

  1. Diane July 25, 2015 / 8:35 pm

    Hey Big Rig-Rose, we were so happy to have the day to play with Levi, and to see both of you giving things away. Beautiful day for us. Thanks so much. And much love,


  2. Lynne R. Nivica July 25, 2015 / 10:28 pm

    Thank you for being transparent, Keri-Rose.


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