He is Faithful!

Well, we had a great week! Beginning last Sunday evening through Saturday afternoon we were able to live in the fifth wheel and vet it for any problems or concerns, so the dealer could take care of them while we are still local.  Also, I know many of you have had several sleepless nights over my ugly RV curtains, but you may rest now, Nonni has made fresh white curtains for each window! They are all up and looking lovely.

The main living space
The main living space
FullSizeRender (1)
Levi’s play space
The kitchen area
The kitchen area

We also got 98% of our belongings loaded and sorted and still have room to spare! At one point in the unpacking process I said to Geoff, “How am I ever going to live in a conventional house again?” With all this intentional space saving storage in the RV, all your stuff fits in much less actual space. By the end of the week I had started to feel like it was home. 🙂

Our bedroom
Our bedroom
Our bed

Somewhere after I consented to let Levi play in the kitchen sink and enjoy some pre-bath bath time, the sink started backing up and was no longer draining.  Oops.  And after a few semi-urgent posts to our beloved fifth wheel facebook group, we determined that it’s likely we have a second grey tank (you know a tank with soapy, only slightly dirty water)! But the handle to open that tank was oxidized shut.  Bummer.  So I spent a day learning about the difference between factory warranties, extended warranties, mobile RV technician services and the downsides to not yet having a truck with a hitch.  Just so you know in case you are ever in this situation, like next week or something, during the summer in Florida most of the mobile RV techs go north with all the other RVers.  But God was very faithful to guide me to one of the 3 remaining mobile techs in the area who came to try to get my kitchen sink unstopped.  He came 3 days earlier than expected and was able to drain the grey tank but couldn’t get the handle to work.  As he was wrapping things up he casually said he had a guy who could deliver the fifth wheel back to the RV dealer for us, at a very reasonable rate.  What? Really?? And he would have him call me and that man might even have space in his schedule to move it the following day.  That’s some fast service, God.  So sure enough he called me and showed up the next day to haul our sweet but big lady back to the dealer.  

So we packed up a small amount of our belongings and moved back into our house. So on to the next order of business: Truck Buying! Well some undetermined number of days ago (I’m not sure how many because I haven’t looked at my calendar since Nonni’s been with us) we went and checked out two different trucks, one in Tampa and one in Largo.  The Tampa one was not the engine we wanted (read, possible major problems, don’t ever buy that engine, kind of thing) and the Largo one had something not quite right going on with it.  So we waited.  Friday night we looked up trucks and had a list ready to go for Saturday morning.  As we set out in the car, I checked to make sure each car was still listed as available.  But truck after truck disappeared before my eyes.  I called four different dealers (give or take) and each one said, nope sorry we just sold it.  So we stopped driving and pulled into the dealership right down the street from our house, which you know just happened to have a new truck, not a used one.  Fine. We’ll just go check this one out, just to see.  So in we went and it drove great! But we didn’t stay to chat we moved on to the next option on the list.  We had been wanted to check out a Dodge because all of the other options we were looking at were Ford’s.  So the only Dodge God let us look at was a quad cab (read, Levi won’t fit in the back seat at all!) that was owned by probably a compulsive chain smoker.  It was clearly a big fat NO!  So we went home because all our remaining options were 45 minutes away and we were supposed to go to the RV to get her ready to be picked up by our new best friend and delivery man, that I mentioned earlier.

So God worked out our afternoon, I mean guys, we were at home for 2 minutes and I got a text from the delivery guy saying he was going to leave in 15 minutes to head to our RV.  So we rushed back to the car and drove our 20 minutes to get to the RV so we could flush out all our tanks (you know the ones with #2 in them) and pull in all our slides and get her ready for travel. Just as we were finishing up, he arrives (we were rushing around for quite a while, like maybe 45 minutes to an hour)! Perfect timing again!

So we spent the afternoon thinking and praying about the truck situation and decided to go with the new Ford.  Nonni was very happy (she was pulling for newish), while I was pulling for cheap-ish.   Apparently God and Nonni were on the same side on this one 😉 So friends, we are now GIANT truck owners. For those keeping score it’s a 2015 Ford F-350 dually (dual rear wheels) with 6.7 L engine, long bed.

I can just see over the hood
I can just see over the hood
Something old, something new
Something old, something new

Not too shabby of a week.  God walked us through it and connected every dot.  He even connected us from the Ford dealer to someone to install the hitch for us on Wednesday, here in Clearwater.  Up next, selling all our stuff and learning how to tow!

Keep on truckin’,



6 thoughts on “He is Faithful!

  1. Marisa Johns July 21, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    So grateful to have seen this post so I can now follow you on your great adventure. May God bless you guys and protect you! xo
    PS – love the RV…. 🙂


  2. Lynne R. Nivica July 21, 2015 / 8:26 pm

    Wow! God doesn’t just supply, he supplies super-abundantly, more than we could ever imagine!
    God speed, little Family!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lucy July 25, 2015 / 2:46 pm

    Thanks for the blog, Keri-Rose. A really good way for me, along with all of your friends, to stay current. Love the photos and you have done a beautiful job of decorating your new home with a loving, warm touch. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Love to the “Three RVers”…..from “Landlocked in Lubbock.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Samantha August 13, 2015 / 10:47 pm

    Beautiful new home!!


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