Planes, walk throughs and contract negotiations, oh my!

Well sorry for the silence, we have been buzzing along here with a few things.  We took a short trip to California and back to see Geoff’s Dad (Papa bear) and Step mom (Nana bear). And we gave the whole flying at night/ taking a red eye thing a shot.  I have to say that it was a bold move taking a 16 month old on a red eye but come on, we had to change it up, last time we flew he slept for about 15 minutes between the two flights of 6 or so hours in the air.  But this time at least Levi got lots of sleep on the way home.  His parents, well, not so much but we are working on catching up.

Anyway, on the morning we got back from California we got to do the walk through on the new RV! They made a special secret room for the cats to do their business in! And they installed our washer dryer! They removed all our couches, because we asked them to (one is where the crib will go, one is where Levi’s toy area will be and one is being replaced by some sweet pet friendly renewable furniture).  And they taught us how to use every button on the RV.  So now they are installing our Wifi Ranger and it should be delivered on Tuesday to our next home base, Sherwood RV Park, by Alt 19 and Tampa Rd in Palm Harbor.

Also on the same day we settled on the final contract agreements with the buyers of our home so all we are waiting on is the Appraisal.  It was a big day!

So now we are on to the next items on our list,

  • Picking up Nonni from the airport on Monday (helping hands and babysitting!)
  • Receiving the RV on Tuesday
  • Moving all our non-essential items onto the RV to see what fits (and what doesn’t )
  • Making final last minute decisions about what to donate and sell
  • Going truck shopping
  • If we pass the appraisal then we can go ahead and move onto the RV for the reals
  • Preparing for and having an estate sale
  • Buying a hitch and getting it installed
  • Practicing towing 🙂

Well I think that should get you pretty caught up to our current status! We’ll let you know the date of the estate sale so you can come buy all our stuff 🙂

Happy 4th! Keep your fingers intact!



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