Yesterday we made a little trip over to Tampa to go to the RV show, turns out it was much smaller than the RV show we went to in January. We had pretty well seen everything there in about an hour.  We had come up with a great plan, we were going to go to the show, see what they had, make our final decision on which model to buy, go home and sleep on our decision and then go back on Saturday to buy.  Well the underwhelming turnout at the show left me wanting to make a quick trip out to Lakeland to visit our friendly RV dealer and see the RV that was neck and neck for first place.

See the thing is, we can be impulse buyers.  It’s happened a few times already in our marriage.  But we got to practice not being impulse buyers last month when we went out to Dover and Lakeland to see our two top RV picks.  We learned that one RV dealership is laid back in their sales style and the other is fairly aggressive.  We kind of prefer the laid back approach.  So all things being equal (or at least both RV layouts being almost equal) we decided to return to the dealership that didn’t make us want to avoid their future phone calls.

I got to get some measurements (for my curtains and other key things) and ask my nitty gritty detail questions like how many cubic feet is the refrigerator.  And so when the dealer asked me what I was thinking and what I wanted to pay, I just told him.  He’s from Massachusetts, he understands me.  🙂 I gave him my version of the sale price I wanted to pay and everything I wanted to swap out.  He said if we came back on Saturday he would ‘totally hook us up’.  I don’t know what that means but I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing.

I’m feeling a bit nervous but mostly excited to go tomorrow and buy our new home.  🙂

But our RV adventuring wasn’t the only highlight to the day yesterday, we also got and accepted an offer on our house!! Hi new owners, if you are reading this! Provided everything goes well during the inspection period, we have a close date of July 28th! So it feels like the right time to get in gear with choosing our RV and getting it delivered to a local RV park (you know, after 4th of July, when apparently many people go camping).  There is lots to do with getting insurance and all the little odds and ends we need to move in.  But it’s definitely progress!

So that’s the update from our neck of the woods! Hope you have a great weekend planned too!



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