So, Where to Next?

Since we are averaging one house showing a week, I’ve been looking for other things to occupy my brain, that don’t include not trusting the Lord with the sale of our house.  So obviously I bought some material to practice making my own curtains for the RV and then got paralysed because I don’t know the dimensions of the windows on the RV.  You see, in my mind I don’t really need to practice, my first shot will probably be stellar (because I’ve already seen pictures on Pinterest) and I’ll want to use those practice curtains, for real.  But let’s be honest, that’s not realistic.  So there sits the material till I get un-paralysed… maybe it’s a good night time project.

We are in Israelite-mode, just waiting on the cloud to move 🙂

Anyway, since I decided to be an optimist on Sunday, this leads me to remember that there are lots of great things I can be doing with my mind and my time as I await the Lord’s next move.  Like making a pretty picture map of where we might visit if and when we are ready to set out.  This unplanning video from the Wynns is very helpful for someone like me who might be too much of the opposite in my thinking, which is, ‘let’s plan everything right now’.  Actually I started planning everything including what RV campgrounds we would visit, which churches we would visit and how long we would stay in each place for.  But then I realized I didn’t know when we were leaving and the weather might greatly interfere with my initial plan.  So I stopped.  But now that I have all this free time and some influence from the Wynns I figured I can just put cute dots on a map and we can fill in the specifics later.  So here’s where I’m at: Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.01.22 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.12.17 AM

We aren’t very sure how long of a car ride we can take Levi on yet so that will to some degree determine our pace.  And mostly, we are heading to the Pacific Northwest with two hard stops in Lubbock and Escondido.  After that we are stopping at friends and family’s towns and anything that peaks our interest with a reputation for being un-itchy.  So, if you are friends or family and you are not on the map (and don’t live in New England, sorry guys, maybe next year) maybe we don’t even know where you live, so comment and let us know if you have a good town for us to visit on our route 🙂

I figure, at a minimum, we can make a 3 hour car ride a day while Levi naps.  It’s possible in our future sweet truck that he will want to just keep going and be all happy and such but in our lovely hatchback he does not always allow for such things.  The optimist in me would like to point out that in late June we’ll get the opportunity to test drive the idea of keeping Levi in his car seat for a long period of time when we make our annual pilgrimage to California for #papa&nanabearvacation2015 .  We got him his own seat this year (thanks Papa bear) and we are leaving close to bedtime so hey, it might [will] be smooth sailing, or flying, as it stands, right? Right!

In the RV it would seem possible (to the non-RVer) that we could just tow and arrive at our destination at night.  But that still leaves the whole scenario of pulling into an RV park in the dark, unhitching, setting up camp, pulling out the slides and oh yeah, transferring our sleeping bundle into his crib.  So, that’s not at the top of my ideal situations list.  But perhaps once we are pro’s it’s a possibility.

So, that’s the update from our neck of the woods. How are you doing with waiting on the Lord and trusting in His perfect plan? And have you made any RV curtains lately, how’d that go? Pinterest fail? Or super excellent? Just checking.

-The optimist, Keri-Rose


One thought on “So, Where to Next?

  1. MBT June 9, 2015 / 8:19 pm

    Nothing much to say except that I’m not good at waiting for anything/anyone so the good lord is in good company. And your posts make me smile!!


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