The day has come!

Great news! We are legal! The electrical inspector was at our house early this morning and granted us the clearance to get everything wrapped up with our outdated unpermitted housing situation.

IMG_6488So with excitement we called our realtors and they put the house on the market! Step 1, done! And we even had a showing this evening.  I haven’t received any calls letting me know the first showing resulted in an offer- but that’s ok.  It was a good test run to see how much tidying and such we will have to get ready for a showing.

It was a big day.  And in the middle of it poor Levi woke up screaming from his nap and didn’t stop for several hours.  It seems acid reflux is back! I’ve never been so thankful for having saved extra doses of a medicine before.  By dinner he was happy and smiling again.

So as you can imagine we did a lot of praying and praising the Lord today.  In case you just wanted to check it out, here’s the listing.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday too!


One thought on “The day has come!

  1. Rick June 4, 2015 / 3:03 am



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