Adventuring with Jesus

When I first came to faith in Christ, I often heard every sermon in light of an ongoing struggle I had (my weight/feeding myself/all that kind of stuff).  It sounds silly to write, but that’s the vehicle God was using to teach me about being a Christian and applying the bible to my life.

That’s kind of happening now, I’m seeing a lot of connections and applications to pursuing the RV adventure.  Take today for example, I heard 3 sermons, 2 of them were totally about RVing and the 3rd could easily be about it too, if I stretched it. And then I sat down to do study the bible and BAM!, there it was again.  See for yourself: “God has a great adventure to take you on.  It is a journey to know Him deeply, intimately, and fully.  This cannot happen apart from His Word, prayer, and drawing near to the throne of grace.  He wants to show you the glories of the Gospel on every page, woven through every word.  It is our job to come to Him each day with a hungry heart.”  This happens to be from Gretchen Saffles, in a bible study journal tool.  It’s just the introduction for Pete’s sake. But there it was, did you see it: “adventure”.  It succinctly describes the tone of  the messages I’ve been hearing lately, ‘it doesn’t matter where you live as much as how you live’, ie living with eternity in mind and weeding out sin with radical abandon.

So the challenge is ever before me, am I doing that now and am I preparing to do that on an RV? The answer is: sort of.  🙂  I am fostering an ever growing zeal to know God’s word better but sometimes it’s like a tender plant and without frequent waterings and sun, it wilts and looks bad.  So I’m saying all this because whether in an RV or not, it’s a major thing, digging into the scriptures (that we have so easily accessible in today’s society), and really it should be one of my only goals.  Anyone who’s ever had a serious RV crush knows that it can steal your time and affections (like your zeal for digging in).  And I’ve had to guard myself against that a lot over the last year (sometimes more successfully than others).

And on the weeding out sin, that’s an adventure I’m just setting out on, but it’s big time on my radar.  I’m working on knowing my weaknesses, developing a battle plan and ACTUALLY carrying it out (not just talking about it).

So that’s how Jesus is using RV’s to make me more like himself.  How’s your spiritual walk going?  What’s God been teaching you lately? 🙂

-Keri-RoseGREEN towables


2 thoughts on “Adventuring with Jesus

  1. Dona McClelland May 25, 2015 / 2:37 pm

    I loved it! Your words are so very true for my life too. The Lord identifies the “weeds” and I see them…but, I often fail at the final step…pulling them out and not allowing them to return!
    Thank you for sharing!


    • Keri-Rose May 26, 2015 / 2:43 pm

      Dona, I’m reading a very interesting book at the moment called Licensed to Kill, all about killing sin. So that’s where I’ve gotten my ideas for a battle plan and passion to make some lasting real change. 🙂


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